Welcome to my corner of the world. I began my self development journey in the corporate world. At the time, self development meant how fast and how much I could progress in that arena. I started as a consultant in Australia, where I’m originally from. Then I moved to New York and worked for various Fortune 500 companies. I had achieved what my then perception of success was. Yet when I looked around, I saw an epidemic of stress and an emptiness within, that my goals had not fulfilled. So like any curious millennial, I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket outta that stadium.  

As I traveled the world, meeting people from all walks of life, and living in different cultures that seemed to have a better handle on stress. I quickly realized we all experience it. That stress is not in the environment, it’s within you. 

So I dug into everything I could find to create a formula for minimizing stress in my life. This is how my journey began with Hypnotherapy and Stress Management Coaching. 

I now reside in Richmond, Virginia with my loving partner and our 100% purebred Mexican street dog. 

Pain Management
New Behavior Generator
Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Stress & Anxiety Reduction
Peak Performance & Goal Setting

Each Hypnosis session begins with reframing the issue at hand, going into trance and a debrief at the end to ensure integration of the change work

All session are conducted online via Zoom. Sessions include a discussion on your inner landscape and a road map of how to get to where you want to be. Studies have shown the effectiveness of Hypnosis over 6 sessions, however, depending on the issue it can take as little as 3 sessions. Hypnosis sessions can also be seen as similar to a guided mediation. Learn more about Hypnosis here

Rewire your brain
Increase your Intuition
Unblock Mental Barriers
Shift Unconscious Baselines
Manage Stress and Overwhelm

Stress Management Coaching centers around identifying the root causes of your stress and learning HeartMath techniques to overcome them.

All sessions are conducted via zoom. Sessions encompass self discovery, identifying stressors in your life, and implementing various HeartMath techniques to add to your personal toolbox, allowing you to be better equipped to handle life stressors. I offer insights to foster different perspectives and together we’ll move from where you are today to where you want to be. Learn more about HeartMath on their website¬†here.

Find What's Blocking You


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