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Hi I'm Deb! I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Coach

Do you feel blocked? Overwhelmed and stressed out? Want to change but nothing seems to work? 

Try Stress Management Coaching & Hypnotherapy.  You’ll learn healthy coping mechanisms and practical tips all from the comfort of your own home. 

My approach focuses on the mind and body connection.

I utilize scientifically validated HeartMath techniques to synchronize your heart and mind, creating a state of balance and resilience. 

Then with Hypnosis and NLP, explore the potential of your unconscious mind, tapping into the power of suggestion to facilitate positive and lasting change. 

Popular Services

60 mins

Stress Management Coaching

Are you overwhelmed and feeling close to burnout? Take back control and work with me on a 6-week schedule designed to tackle your stress head-on with personalized techniques. Create a new level of self-awareness and free up space in your life. 

60 mins


Hypnosis unlocks your mind’s potential by allowing you to access your inner resources, shift unconscious blocks, and reprogram your unconscious mind to bring about long-lasting changes. Opt for a 3-session or 6-session package and see how your life begins to shift. 


I have nothing but high praises for Deb and the way that she conducts her Heart Math sessions! She brings such a warm, compassionate and attentive air to each session which helped me dive deeper into my own depths to ask myself the right questions during the sessions. Read more here

I was surprised with how open I felt when talking with Deb, and also just as surprised with the conclusions that were drawn as a result of the sessions. Deb does a great job of holding a space that allows one to look within to find the reasons that we hold ourselves back. Read more here

Deb’s expertise in Heart Math and Hypnosis is evident from the moment you begin working with her. Her approach is gentle and effective, guiding me through techniques that have helped me manage stress and anxiety. Read more here

I had recently experienced a major life change before starting my sessions with Deb and the techniques I learnt helped me become more present, less anxious, and focus on the positive moments in each day. Read more here

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